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About Attorney services:
Indo Family club is offering Attorney services to the Indian Community located in Chicago. We have a paralegal on board who understands your language. Among others, conversant with Malayalam , Gujarati, Hindi, English Contact : Reema Shelke PH: 773-916-4100 About Indo family club:Indo Family Club is soon to Launch its e-commerce website with unique services to the Indian Community in Chicago. This website will target the Indian Community and provide unique services. Among many other services to be offered, Indofamilyclub will majorly produce fresh farm vegetables and fruits grown under the surveillance of experts at our own Green Houses. Our focus is to grow vegetables and fruits that are rare in the Indian Ethnic Market like, suran, mogri. Red tuvar, surati –kand, etc., Our homemade snacks and sweets will hit the market soon (prepared the day before delivery) We will also make available Pita Inn sandwiches, grocery items, exclusive cookware and Immigration Attorney services on our website. Apart from these services to be provided on our e-commerce website we are in the process of adding more services that are not already available to the Indian community across Chicago. All these services will be available to our members just at the “Click of a button” and delivered “Right to the homes of our members”
6404 N Fairfield Ave Chicago IL-60645
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Phone : 773-916-4100, 773-916-4040, 773-856-3205
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